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[Ukraine] wooden railway sleepers, crossing timbers.

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«ALANTA-TRADE» Co. Ltd. is wooden treated sleepers and treated switch assembly timbers manufacturer.

The sleepers and timbers manufacturing process includes the following stages: selection of wood raw material of proper quality, preparation for impregnation, shrinkage and impregnation with protecting agents.

The impregnation of wood is made in two ways (optional):
- dipping in oil antiseptic agents, GOST 2002.6-93;
- autoclave treatment with antiseptic protective agents, GOST 20022.5-93 (impregnation of wood under pressure, that considerably upgrades the quality of impregnation and extends maintenance period of sleepers and timbers (up to 15-20 years)).

Our company’s production is in strict conformity with international standards and is in good request on enterprises and organizations of transport branch which use railroad groundwork in their activity. More than 10 years “ALANTA-TRADE” Co. Ltd. supplies both the CIS countries and countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States with its products.

We guarantee the high quality, reliability and safety of our products.
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Street:1, Nikopolske highroad
City:Kryviy Rih
Postal code:50051
Phone: +380 564 054002
Fax: +380 564 054002

Contact person

Name and Surname: Inna Kalitka
Phone: +380 564 054002
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